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Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Is dating alright for high school students?

Dating? What is dating? Did you like your opposite sex? Want to stay close to him? Worry if you are away from him? Want to always look beautiful in front of him? Then you are dating with him? Often do meeting,  phoning each other. Yes you are right, dating can be defined as a process to know better the person or the opposite sex.
As you see, dating has become a trend among young people, especially high school students because in this  age a person started to have an interest in the opposite sex. Perhaps this phenomenon as a result of the influence of the  stories romance, novels, films and song lyrics. Giving the impression that life in adolescence had to be sprinkled with flowers romance, romance stories, there should be a fixed pair as a place to exchange stories and share a sense even for some people, life does not mean it will feel without dating. One of the benefits of dating with a dating that we will get the motivation from her boyfriend so we can make more in the spirit of learning, because if the value we are bad of course we will be embarrassed by our partner, we will be more discipline in schools is of course that we are not punished by teacher , because if we do we will be punished surely embarrassed with our girlfriends. we become more neat and clean because they always want to look beautiful  in front of him. We will be more quiet and does not talk much because he's embarrassed when we see a lot of talk. We become more diligent in school because she always met him. And we want to always look well in front of him so that sometimes we usually to be a good person. There is  not a few people who are gaining success and it turns out that he gained success can not be separated from the support and motivation given by her boyfriend.
On the other hand dating cause many negative effects for high school students. among others, may affect the behavior and mindset of a person. Additionally dating can actually make us lazy learning because only a waste of time for dating as a phoning or texting with a boyfriend. And if your boyfriend is close to other people, we usually feel jealous. So that we become lazy eating, lazy learning, lazy going  school. Dating also make us  not having  many friends because of reasons of jealousy. Dating  is often termed “have” so for a high school student whose mind is not yet mature, the word “have” is often misinterpreted, “have” in the sense that high school kids can sometimes lead to promiscuity and sexual activity outside of marriage because they think it is going kisses, hugs , then there was promiscuity, even high school kids sometimes think that if you do not kiss or hug it has not been called dating. Of kisses and hugs this is happening because of youthful promiscuity easily aroused by things that are sometimes called “romantic” , most teenagers can not control the passion and emotion and just think of happiness or pleasure for a moment until eventually regret, in this case most to be disadvantaged is women, if it occurs premarital sex and  women get pregnant, many  men do not want to be responsible, then there might have been  abortion or even suicide, and if the men want to marry, if  may just in a short time, then it might happen a divorce because they mentally are not ready to get married, so dating give continuous negative effect, although the court does not always end up with things like that.
So , we should prefer the student achievement than dating, whether we have not the boyfriend or not, it doesn’t  a  matter , because if we have accomplished and gain success , rest assured that we do not bother to look for a girlfriend because eventually the people themselves who will come to us . So in conclusion , whether or not courting it depends on each of us personally , if the dating  was able to make us lazy and learn more disadvantages than benefits and to avoid things that are not desirable then we should not be going out first until the time comes we really ready to live well, so it does not happen the things we do not want . But if we assume that the dating we can be better and can motivate us to make us more enthusiasm in learning and we can control what we should do and what we should not do , then  dating is fine , but still within reasonable limits . And one thing we should always remember is “ Do not be excessively  loving boyfriend , exceeding your love to God and your parents”.

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